Please send your Bondi stories to Submissions will be considered for publication online and/or in print. A sister blog, Scum Valley, targets a narrower readership, who are familiar with Bondi, having spent some time there.

3 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. the ” big rock ” at ben buckler, 200 plus ton of sandstone?. can anybody scientifically prove it was lifted to where it now rests, supposedly by a giant wave surge during a storm. a good story for mythbusters to solve, or science.

    • That is the story I was told in the 1930s and most believed it to be true. If you have a scientific answer, I would be interested to hear it. Thank You, Pat McCann.

  2. dear pat, yes it would seem a lot of locals and visitors think the ” big rock ” was washed up by a big wave but the truth is waves just do not generate the energy needed to lift a 200 ton rock that high as most of a waves force is near the surface. i was hopeing that somebody with an engineering background may be able to offer a theory as to how it got to where it now rests. thanks anyway pat. john schultz

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