Bondi Beach 1950-1975

5 thoughts on “Bondi Beach 1950-1975

  1. Love these photos! Absolutely love to see what Bondi was like in its glory days so more photos please. I love the place and I hope it stays the free spirited suburb its always been and not become corporate as its slowly becoming at the mo.

  2. Spent many a day on the hill, remember Astro, Rabbit, Mick Kiggins, Harry and Ray, Wayne Blyton, Wayne Williams, Carol, Candy, Darren Webber. Moved to Yamba raised two kids Tyson and Ebony. Loved that crew, all in my heart, always.

  3. Spent a good amount of time in Bondi during the 60’s and would love to hear from any of the guys, best bunch I ever knew. Now living at Ballina and still surfing.

  4. A friend was telling me her mother worked in an ice cream shop in Bondi in the 50s. She caught the tram there from Lilyfield. Any ideas where the shop may have been and the name??? Thankyou 🌺

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