Man chased by shark

The Sydney Morning Herald  1920

An exciting incident occurred at Bondi Beach, when a surfer had a narrow escape from being taken by a huge shark. A school of salmon had been brought fairly close to the shore by sharks, and the experienced lifesavers and officials of the beach promptly notified the swimmers by whistle and bell that the locality was dangerous. All but one man obeyed the summons, and came in. One swimmer took no notice of the warnings, and went right out into the salmon shoal. Then he saw the shark, but avoided it, and made a wild dash for the beach. The shark followed him, but a wave deflected the monster from its path, and tumbled the swimmer over. As it did so the swimmer’s body was brushed by the shark, and he collapsed from fear. The rope was taken out by the lifesavers, and the man was hauled ashore. He soon recovered, and expressed the opinion that he had had the narrowest escape of his life.


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