magoo, never the rascal

Mick Marlin took this shot of three of the worst desperadoes ever to paddle out at Rocky Point, pinch all the waves off the Hawaiians, then drop in all over each other.

Bluey, Magoo, Scotty.

Mayes, McGuigan, Dillon.

Scott is still around the mid-north coast somewhere with the best stash of surfboards anybody has ever collected. The other two lads are gone. Magoo last night.

He’s in the middle here; balanced up, bringing it around, full of speed, and squirting a gob full of spray at Mayes who was so help me the noisiest surfer in the southern hemisphere. And as soon as Magoo’s stopped admiring himself in the mirror he taped up on the deck he’ll snake Dillon.

Stick a bunch of mates in good waves and this is what you get.

Rest in Peace Barry.

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