3 thoughts on “A Golden Age

  1. Kevin Brennen was a great guy. He wasn’t a drug guy. He was a victim in a way. Those older guys would always give Kev drugs to young Kevto bring him down to there level.In the end Kev gained a type of disorder which now is nearly fully understood. But back then they put you in a psyco unit with nutters. Lets be true lets not let Kev wear that name “the head”. That name came from his little wing and see pic of him very young holding his trophies with his proctor boardshort made by mrs proctor coming through the gasworks at bondi. See Kev in that pic. He has a tough little noggin. That is “THE HEAD” The Bondi culture went down hill fast after the great man Chris Brock escaped with a few other survivors. The culture to this day would be cockeroach ridden full of trying to hard people and it will never change. On a bright note, The weather up here in Queensland is wonderful and it was the best move ever to leave Bondi.

  2. I did notice the pic of Brad Mayes on your email. Kevin B was a prodogy thats a known fact and to watch Kevin in front of bondi bathes early in the morning drop down a large winter ground swell with wave spray flying way back seeing Kevin reach the lower piont possible and then go into his (or one of his signature moves) the hands by his side, then straight body just slowly leaning,tipping over and further and further was art truely. Then after that came the great rush of speed as wave and rider just had to find equal forces. And he did find and it was wonderful feat considering in front of the bathes can be and still is treacherous. For Brad Mayes he was the second gift way close behind prodigy name. Brad was gifted like Kevin. Brad had a extream sense of measure. He was so very fine in his movements and calculation. This is taken in a time of No legropes. Back then it was calculate well or long swim amoungst sharks and board dinged everywhere from rocks. It was a different time back then before the leg rope. Brad had imence power. He had a longish body but not lanky. Brad was probably the second best surfer ever from Bondi, alas. After that came the Godfather of Australian surfing Chris B. Yes Mctavish ect ect but Chris what can i say? Truly a shining light same as his father who was a shining light on the filthy streets of Bondi

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