Windansea Surf Board Riders Club

Windansea Surf Board Riders Club

Bondi Stories Vol.1.At least once a month, WindanSea would hold an inter-club contest, followed by a barbie. So, there was always something happening. The rivalry with other clubs was intense, but usually good natured. Everyone wanted to beat us, but hardly ever did. We had most of the top surfers from Sydney, the Central Coast and Wollongong. The Bra Boys didn’t like our style. We never did compete against them. I went to a stomp at the Maroubra Surf Club, wearing a WindanSea t-shirt! I went outside, looking for Little Patty, and next thing, bang! I got king hit, lights out. I was lucky he didn’t kill me. Then, some time after that, my cousin got beaten up pretty bad. It seems some Bra Boy heard the name Silcock and thought it was me. The poor bugger ended up in hospital. The Gong was always my favourite. I loved it down there. So many places to surf. I would head down south most weekends and stay with mates. We would either surf locally or explore the coast. The farm was usually good in a northeaster. If it wasn’t, we would still have fun picking teams and having the best cow dung fights. Good clean fun!

Ronnie Silcock


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