Courtesy of the State Library of New South Wales.

Bondi, 1912

Bondi, ca. 1920.

Surf Carnival, Bondi Beach, 1929

Surf Carnival, Bondi Beach, 1929.

Bondi sand dunes, 1919

Bondi sand dunes, 1919.

Bondi Beach, 1919

Bondi Beach, 1919.

Bondi Beach 1920

Bondi Beach 1920.

Bondi Pavilion Opening Day, 1929

Bondi Pavilion Opening Day, 1929.

Bondi Beach, 1931

Bondi Beach, 1931.

3 thoughts on “Panoramas

  1. Wonderful page about Bondi Stories history.
    I lived at 119 Bondi Rd from 1958 till 1964 and still remember the wonderful and amazing Bondi beach. In 1964 my parents migrate back to Holland and unfortunally I remember a littlebit about our house but I can’t remember how it looked like. I’ve never seen pictures of it when I was older and when I was back in Sydney in 2005 on a holiday (first time after 41 year) I discovered that our house was replaced by a hotel. I really like to see an original picture of our house before they built the hotel. Maybe somebody has one or can show me where to find it on the internet. 119 Bondi Rd is near the corner Ocean St close at the Post office nr 127.
    Thanks anyway.


    Peter van Liempt

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