big G samios, our bondi

Some real pearlers here. Thanks Pete!

George Samios holds the world’s best cache of old Bondi pics – he runs them past a crew of no-hopers who make up the Old School Bondi Crew Facebook site, that’s only the men mind, the ladies are all the same age they were when they were driving us no-hopers crazy.

I’ve pinched his pics, and collected them here.

All in the one spot.

George, that’s him on the wrong side of the motor vehicle down there, I’m told, will keep them coming.

Nobody needs captions, not when we all walked the same streets.

bigG samios

old south head and o'brien streets 1930'snorth bondi 1959hoyts six ways 1932channel 9's first outside broadcastfletcher street near cutting 1954campbell pde 1974north bondi rsl 1954F.C. Nichols, Butchers Shop, 129 Bondi Road next to Post Officenorth bondi tram terminus 1954top part of the promenade 40 yrs ago

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4 thoughts on “big G samios, our bondi

  1. yeah thanks for the memories, love the old international outside broadcast van and you can see “the balconies” in the background in one shot. do you have any more you can show us.
    regards john schultz

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