Newsboy killed

The Sydney Morning Herald  1927

William John Murray, aged 11 years, a newsboy, of No. 9 Andrew-avenue, Bondi, was cut to pieces by a Bondi tram early yesterday morning. The mutilated body was found at the crossing of Denham-street and Bondi-road, by the conductor of a Bondi-bound tram just after a tram, consisting of two cars, proceeding to the Quay had passed. The tram, which it is thought passed over the boy, travelled to Circular Quay and back to the Waverley Depot before the driver or the conductors knew of the tragedy. The under-carriage of the rear car was much stained with blood. Up till a late hour in the afternoon the police had been unable to find anyone who saw the accident. Murray had been travelling between Bondi and Bondi Junction selling papers. At the corner of Denham-street and Bondi-road there is a sharp curve, and it is presumed that while attempting to pass from the front to the rear car he slipped, or was thrown beneath the wheels.


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