The Hill Crew

Bondi Stories Vol.1.We evolved from the original Hill Crew of Brad Mayes, Steve Corrigan, Bruce Raymond, Paul Manstead, Kevin Brennan and Gary Bostock. When we took over the hill from those guys, there’d be about 70 boards sprawled all over the place. Just down from us, the Wall Crew, they’d have all their boards leaned up against the wall. That was the Webber brothers and the private school kids. And down past them was the Rock Crew. They’d all be bronzing up, caring more about how they looked than surfing. Everyone wanted to be part of the Hill Crew. But, you couldn’t just infiltrate the group. If anyone walked up the hill, they had to have a reason. So, if they weren’t with the crew, you’d pelt them with milk cartons.

Cheyne Horan


3 thoughts on “The Hill Crew

    • I shared with Harry in Codgee but at 17 l was unprepared for the expectations of the little women that was commo
      n in that culture… hi Deb

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