Bondi crew

Bondi crew

Jack ‘Bluey’ Mayes, John ‘Wheels’ Williams, Scott Dillon, Johnny “dinki di” O’Donovan, Darrell Eastlake, Andy Cochran, unknown, Noel Ward, unknown, unknown, Robert ‘Bonza’ Conneeley.

2 thoughts on “Bondi crew

  1. Looking for Rick T who splashed down Sydney harbour late sixties, he was a local around Bondi beach or up the central coast and Yamba way. Would love to link up After the Deluge… Laurie D

  2. After the wonderful Kevin Brennen accidently died Ricky spent a few years continueing his sentence living in Bondi. After much soul searching he escaped the cockeroaches and sewer rats of South Bondi. He volenteered for with a medical organization helping children. He was sent overseas helping kids that had limbs blown off from landmines left over from wars. Through sheer love he continued his mission. Last i heard from him was 1990 odd. He was happy.

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