The Promenade in front of Bondi Pavilion, 1930

The Promenade in front of Bondi Pavilion, 1930

1 thought on “The Promenade in front of Bondi Pavilion, 1930

  1. what a great place to live in the 30s.! My family moved there about 1915 and we lived in Wellington st. number 90! It’s a very old house, but I see it is still standing, overshadowed by units, where Mr. and Mrs. Head lived with their family, and the Kingsmill family lived over the road. There was an Italian family named Galvani, who lived on the cnr. of Wellington and Francis st. I often wondered what happened to Frank Galvani after they left and a large block of flats was built there. A grocery store on the corner of O’Brien st. was owned by Mr. Bodeley(?) who always talked about Meryweather where he was born. I was born at the War Memorial hospital in June 1930. Our local doctor who would come to the house, Dr. Hardy, was a great doctor! My uncles worked on Bondi trams during the depression years and an Auntie lived in a flat at Blair st. and Warners Ave. and I thought nothing of walking over the hills in Wellington st, to Blair st. at age 9-10 and it was safe then. There was a large place we called the Gully where we had to climb through the fence and when inside it was a jungle, and a great place to play and hide, now it is a reserve. I often wondered if there had been a house there long ago. Children were so lucky to live at Bondi!

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